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Designer gel Full collection

Designer gel Full collection

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Contains 26 colours with a FREE 0 art brush.

Designer Gel is a very thick art gel with the maximum pigmentation. High/very high viscosity, you can work with this indefinitely. 

This gel can be intermixed with itself or our other art gels to give different colours & consistencies but as a stand alone gel it is perfect for small very fine line designs. You can also build the gel up in layers curing in between for a extra dimensional 3D effect.

As a painting art gel, you will only need tiny amounts of this due to the extreme pigment and only use in thin layers with a gel brush or a sponge applicator. For the most detailed painting and the one move technique but also excellent for a perfect ombre.

This is the thickest consistency of Brillbird art gels with Contour paint gel being the medium and Brush & Go gel being the thinnest. All our art gels are file off!

Cure time LED 1-2 mins UV 2-4 depending on thickness of application. 

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