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Primer 2 - Acid Free

Primer 2 - Acid Free

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acid-free primer is used after prep bottle or spray prep, this product acts like a double-sided sticky tape for gel and acrylic products on the nail plate, giving the best longevity of nail enhancements or gel polish (for gel polish you only need to apply to the free edge of the nail where wear and tear would be more prominent)
primer will remain shiny and slightly sticky in appearance, so once 10 nails have been treated it will be dry enough to continue with your treatment process
Apply sparingly, as too much primer can have adhesive effects.
Primer has a high freeze temperature so please note that if left overnight in working environment without heating in winter you may need to be careful unscrewing the bottle lid. Put product in a warmer area for an little while to avoid frozen liquid pulling the bristles from the lid applicator.
Primer can be used alone after prep, for extra priming on clients that are prone to product lifting use acid primer) prior

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