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Brillbird USA

Summer Collection Box

Summer Collection Box

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The Collection Box Includes 9, 7 or 5 most popular neon and pastel colors from our favorite Brillbird brush & go gel design line. ❤️🧡💙

Brush and go gels are hard gel non soakable colors with an extremely high pigment content and may be used in a few ways:

They are excellent for artwork, from intricate gel painting blending various colors and layering, but also for fine lining and highlighting which when done is small amounts can be also done on top of a gel polish treatment. And really easy for painting a color free edge French design and geometric block colors too. Because they cure with a non-tacky shine the art may be done over topcoat or under giving different effects

Excellent for full cover color over nail enhancement products such as hard gel or acrylic. ENJOY! 💅

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