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Hard Gel Clear

Hard Gel Clear

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A very thick hard gel which makes it so good for sculpting on a nail form because it doesn’t run at all after being placed where it’s needed, despite its sturdy viscosity, it is very easy to handle. It is perfect for those who want to take their time in creating the nail shape without the gel running out of shape. Excellent adhesion on clients without lift especially those looking for longer length! It is also suitable for hot climates where the gels would normally become thinner in the heat, hard gel does not become uncontrollable.

Holds for pinching if required and easy for maintaining apex and C curve
Easy and fast to file
Resistant to impacts and flexible
crystal clear on application enhancing any colour or embellishments under itself.

A thin base of bond gel is recommended under this product the same as all our hard gel products.

Curing time: UV 2 min / LED 1 min

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